Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jenga creativity

The game Jenga has provided hours of entertainment recently, though I don't think we've played the actual game!

More Elizabeth

Elizabeth took off up the driveway the other day, right after Becky brought her and Isaac home from the park. She obviously had something in mind -- well, Isaac had been dropped off to bring in a trashcan, and there was another one still out there, so she went out to retrieve it! She brought it all the way home and then went back to get the lid that had fallen off. I was amazed at her perseverance.

Elizabeth Antics

My character, Elizabeth. We dressed her up for Halloween to attend a local church carnival that opens its doors an hour early for special needs kids, and so they don't have to fight the crowds. Elizabeth loves the inflatable play equipment and ran from one thing to another for the entire hour.

Catching Up

Becky thinks she has neglected HER blog -- almost a month has gone by -- sigh! I'll try to get caught up!