Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It is finally snowing!!

We are finally getting real snow. The forecast told us it was going to happen, but in Missouri, I've learned to be very cynical about precipitation forecasts. There seems to be a line that follows I-44 that usually gets a mix of snow and ice during a storm. Sometimes it makes for beautiful ice storms, but rarely do we get an honest-to-goodness snow! We got 1/2 inch of sleet last night -- for those of you living in a different weather pattern, sleet is like sand in its consistency, but consists of little ice pellets. It doesn't pile up quite as fast as snow, and isn't nearly as fun to play in. We watched it sleet all day and kept hoping for a change to snow, which finally came late in the day. It has been snowing steadily for a few hours, and I am looking forward to cross country skiing tomorrow!

World Record Blog-Neglect?

Anyone know what the world record is for neglecting a blog? Maybe I should try for it, as my accomplishment for Jan 2009...
If you want to know what we did over the holidays, check out Becky's blog. She's got pictures and everything!