Sunday, September 20, 2009

Isaac starts soccer

Isaac at his first soccer practice - he is VERY excited to be playing on a team -- finally!!!


If you don't know what TOM is, you should be ashamed of yourself! The Tour of Missouri went through Rolla for the second year in a row, and it has been re-enacted in the Hall driveway several times since. Below is Isaac demonstrating his best imitation of the cool biker start (we watched Stage 4 start in St. James).

The bikers rush by me, 100 yds from the TOM finish in Rolla -- crazy!

More Silly Stuff

Isaac and Elizabeth are goof-balls. They just love to have fun.
Here's a few pictures of them being silly - well, at least it looks that way to us. They are probably VERY serious about whatever they are doing!

Family Devotions

It's 8 am, do you know where your family is? Ours is almost always in the "green living room" doing family devotions. What you see here is us learning a new hymn, in 4 part harmony. Isaac and I sing soprano, Abby the alto, Zeke the tenor, and Dan sings bass. Elizabeth sings her own part, loudly and enthusiastically. Our current hymn is Stand up, Stand Up for Jesus. We're supposed to start a new one tomorrow -- it's on my to-do list!

Labor Day

Andy and Becky both were able to get home for Labor Day weekend. Both of their rides worked out so that they could get to the first RHAA volleyball game of the season with us, to watch their sister Abby and her team win their first match of the year!
Abby and Marty

After the game team meeting

On Saturday, we had a bunch of families over. After weeks of gorgeous weather, the day started out gloomy and rain threatened, but fortunately, it didn't rain until later that night. We had a wonderful time inside and out -- so much so that we hardly took any pictures... but here are a couple...

Volleyball outside
Poker inside, and I think a record for # of people in the living room!

The final event of the evening was handball against the garage door. It went on and on and on as various participants struggled with what seems a simple game and tried to find success against the home team! Elizabeth took a turn every other time... once we figured out all she needed to do was to grab the ball and throw it against the wall, it became an easy part of the routine, and kept her occupied and happy.
We did decide that she needs to learn to stand in line -- a difficult thing when it is 20 people long!

September's Almost gone!! Yikes

These are just random pictures from life around our house these days...

Isaac creating something...
Intepretive dance, Elizabeth style...
Nope, she can't match the pictures to the names yet, but we'll keep working it!