Saturday, May 23, 2009


While cleaning up my desk a bit, I ran across some pictures. Oh the memories!
The first picture was inspired by a Sunday morning when I realized we could do a purple/green color scheme. That was always the worst part of family pictures for me -- figuring out what everyone should wear. Now that I have teenagers, they tell me what we're wearing, so it is a lot easier!! So, I made an appointment at Sears for a family photo on the following Saturday evening, since we were going out anyway. After pictures, we had dinner at Spires, and then went to a community production of The Sound of Music, which was good, but REALLY long
(for a mom with little kids who was planning to go to 8:30 am church the next day!)
Going back a few years -- this might have been a church directory picture.
My kids love the glasses I wore in the 90s :)
And then, more recently, in Missouri, Dan and Becky in pioneer garb. The man in the beard, Carl Heth, raises oxen and hand-built a wagon for them to pull in the Phelps County Sesquincentennial Parade, representing the 1850s.... Dan and Becky were going to carry the banner in front, Cheryl and Brandon Shannon were the "pioneers."But the weather messed it all up: the people in charge decided to start the parade 15 minutes early, hoping to get it done before a huge thunderstorm hit the area... Carl always waits until the last minute to yoke the oxen, and by the time he got them yoked, he'd missed his turn in the parade... and so they had to walk the back way to the County Courthouse, where a few people got to see the oxen and the wagon. (It did storm, but the festivities continued between squalls~!)

Signs of Summer

Once again, time has flown by, and I'm way overdue on posting. Summer is on its way, too fast. Here are some of the signs around here:

Little children completely disrobing (I guess it is cooler!)

College kids home from school the sweat-stained baseball cap is here, so he must be home :) . I'm used to Andy's smell of Old Spice deodorant -- however, now the smell is raspberry, from one of those room fresheners he discovered while away at college (survival skill).
It's pretty cool when the the easiest way to please your kids is to carry a cold watermelon in from the outside fridge! One of the things I craved while pregnant was watermelon, and I ate a lot of it (fortunately for our budget, we lived in California, where we could get watermelon pretty reasonably year-round). While I hesitate to be too proud, I rarely pick a bad watermelon, and my kids have picked up the habit of watermelon gorging from me... we really should count how many we consume each year! (for the record, this particular one was not all that good!)

Sunburns and bleached out hair -- poor Abby suffered through the summer last year with a make-shift suit, so this year, she splurged and bought herself a "real" one from Land's End. But she managed the sunburn and hair even without the new suit!
Baseball and wiffleball -- the official stuff, and the fun stuff in the backyard, played by all, including Elizabeth -- actually her favorite role is umpire! (I can't find my pictures....)

"Spring-cleaning" and reorganizing -- Dan needed more elbow-room, so we added a corner piece, bought another filing cabinet, and moved furniture around to give it to him.