Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

I shouldn't be posting on my blog -- our last dress rehearsal is tonight, and I'm not sure I'm ready.... but it is exciting that showtime is almost here! If you haven't heard, Abby and I are part of Fine Linen Drama's production of Pride and Prejudice. I play Lady Lucas, and she plays a lovely young lady at the parties. We are having loads of fun. I'll try to take some pictures tonight, if I'm not too preoccupied trying to remember my lines, when to change my costume, when to go on stage (my stage daughters rescued me last night!), and trying to help coordinate all the set changes (I'm officially Stage Manager this year).

The Lucas family

For more info on the show, go to

For some odd reason, the pictures at the top of the website don't show up on our computer, but you should be able to see them -- Abby is the lovely young lady is peach (with all the curls). That picture is from Pirates of Penzance, last year's show..

More to come....
The Mr. Collins Fan Club
The Entire Cast

Big Sister Time

Hurray for big sisters! Mom had other commitments, but since Becky was home for Spring Break, she was able to take Elizabeth (and Isaac) to Breakfast with Pooh, hosted by Capable Kids and Families. They had a grand time, and I heard Elizabeth ate her fair share of pancakes.It was a beautiful day, so later that day, Becky also took them outside to play -- Isaac tried out roller-blading, and Elizabeth just enjoyed the day, but then she always does!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I just managed to completely empty my inbox -- for the first time in years! I think it was time well spent. Now my goal is to keep it that way -- which means acting on messages, and filing or deleting them.. We'll see how that goes!