Monday, December 27, 2010

Catching Up - September

My favorite goof

School starts, and along with it come the home experiments...

Soccer starts for Zeke, and they play the first 2 weekends without Dan, their coach, and build up a 4-0 record ....

Abby plays volleyball -- don't have pictures of her, but here are some of her fans at the first annual Volleyball Gameday!

We head out on our 25th Anniversary Trip -- Part I includes Isaac and Elizabeth. First stop is
Cahokia Mounds, the largest man-made earthen work in the Americas. We walked up this staircase and saw the sunset over St. Louis.

On to Springfield, IL. After a night in a hotel we toured Lincoln Home, visited the new Museum, and then went to the cemetery where Lincoln and his family are buried.

On to New Salem, IL, a reconstructed village where Lincoln spent his early years. This is one of the stores he owned and ran while studying to become a lawyer.

Then to Forrest, IL, where we dropped off the kids and went on to Valparaiso, IN, where we attended 25th reunion festivities during Homecoming weekend. Campus has changed a lot since we left -- the latest change is that they tore down the old Union, where we met.. here we are in front of the famous spot where our lives became intertwined :)

After the weekend in Valpo, we went on to Mishawaka and South Bend where we visited our friends the Nelsons and the Grobiens. We spent the night at Grobiens, who delivered us to the South Bend Airport for our trip to New York.

25th anniversary be continued

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